Clip On Guitar Tuners

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About Clip On Guitar Tuners

Clip On Guitar Tuners have revolutionised the process of keeping your guitar in tune. No longer do you need to carry around a bulky tuner pedal that requires its own power source and for your guitar to be plugged in. Because guitar headstock tuners run via an internal battery and are ready to work as soon as you clip one onto your guitar, they're easy to work with in any situation, whether you're back stage waiting to go on, during a studio session or even sharing the tuner with the other players in the practice room. Your clip-on tuner is always ready and waiting to save the day no matter where you are.

Why Do I Need a Clip On Guitar Tuner?

  • These types of guitar tuner are compact and easy to take with you
  • Don't require your guitar to be plugged in to work
  • Work on most types of string instruments

Frequently Asked Questions about Clip On Guitar Tuners

Question: How do clip-on guitar tuners work?
Clip-on tuners detect the pitch of your string by analysing the frequencies of the vibrations that travel through your guitar.
Question: Are clip-on tuners worth it?
Yes, clip-on tuners are one of the most convenient tuning options as they don't require your guitar to be plugged in to work.
Question: Do clip-on tuners work on electric guitars?
Yes, as clip-on tuners work by pickup up your guitar's vibrations, they'll work on any style of guitars.