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About Yamaha Amplifiers

Yamaha amplifiers bring decades of technology together to make world class sounds available to practicing guitarists. Yamaha THR series are multi channel amps with 'lunchbox'-sized dimensions and arena-sized tones. Several different models exist with different speakers and power ratings. All models contain high definition tones and effects with an excellent level of controllability. These combo amps feature battery or mains power and USB functionality to help make them the centre of your creative hub. Yamaha THR amplifiers are available for demo and purchase from each of our guitarguitar UK stores. The whole range is also available to buy directly online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Amplifiers

The THR lunchbox amps are designed for everywhere except the stage, but there is now a range of THR heads and cabs available in the range for that purpose.
There are currenly two main models, the THR5 and the THR10, with a few variations available of each. For example, the THR10X is made for players who want more gain and distortion whilst the THR5A is made specially for electro acoustic players.
Yes they do! They also run on batteries, which are not included.