Yamaha Amps

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About Yamaha Amps

Yamaha Amps are the ultimate practice amps; perfect for the player serious about their tone, wherever they go.

Yamaha Amps deliver astonishing tones in a diminutive format. There are several amps in the range, all slightly skewed towards different styles. The original beige model covers all bases for the versatile guitarist.

What makes Yamaha amps different?

  • Rich, versatile sounds in a small footprint
  • Stylish, unobtrusive looks
  • Home recording solution
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Amps

    Question: Do Yamaha amplifiers come with a power supply?
    Yes, all Yamaha amplifiers come with a power supply and are able to take batteries if you need greater portability. The new THR Wireless amps come fitted with rechargeable batteries, making all your gigs in the garden a breeze.