Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Amps

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About Yamaha Acoustic Amps

Yamaha Acoustic Amps are sleek, compact amps that are ideal for home practice. For such a small size, Yamaha acoustic guitar amps have an impressively full, rich sound and comprehensive feature set. Using advanced modelling technologies, these amps replicate classic microphones and studio equipment. This creates a wonderfully polished acoustic sound. You can even record this sound directly into your computer thanks to their USB connectivity. The largest amp in the range, the Yamaha THR30IIA, also boasts an XLR input so you can use all these effects for vocals too.

Why Should I Choose a Yamaha Acoustic Amp?

  • Yamaha acoustic guitar amps are portable and compact
  • Great natural sound
  • The THR amps come with a variety of effects built in

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Amps

Question: Are Yamaha acoustic guitar amps any good?
Yes, Yamaha have a reputation for high quality products at any price range and this quality extends to their acoustic amps.
Question: Who uses a Yamaha acoustic guitar amp?
Yamaha acoustic amps include the THR, the THR line is used by players such as Phil X, Jeff Schroeder and many more due to its high quality tones, compact size, and reliability.