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About Music Man Bass Guitars

Music Man bass guitars are arguably what put the company on the map in the 70s. The original Music Man Stingray design brought the world a powerful new bass sound with active electronics and a distinctive humbucking pickup. The Stingray is easily the most popular bass design by Music Man. However, the brand offers a full range of designs including the Bongo, the Cutlass (also a guitar model) and the Caprice.

Music Man basses are made in San Luis Obispo, California, to extremely high production standards. The company also offers a range of basses under the Sterling line. These are imported basses made in the Far East to the designs and specifications dictated by Music Man. Sterling range basses include the Stingray 4 and 5 string models as well as the ultra affordable SUB models that really give some bang for the buck!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Music Man Bass Guitars

Yes, it can get a little confusing! Basically, the answers to your questions are yes and yes! The Stingray was the name given to both the original guitar and bass designs from Music Man. They bear little resemblance to each other and this remains true today! The Stingray is Music Man's most famous bass design (available in a range of models) and the guitar is also still available. As for Sterling, it is the name for a range of licensed import guitars. It is also the name of a USA Music Man bass model! The Music Man Sterling bass has a slightly smaller body than a Stingray. It's a little confusing at first but hopefully that clears things up a bit.
Well, the technical reason is that it allows for a straight string pull across the headstock. This helps keep tuning and intonation. Aside from this, it also provides Music Man with a distinctive and unique headstock design that is instantly recognisable and is something of a talking point.
Active EQ circuits allow you to not only cut frequencies but also boost them, using power supplied from an onboard 9V battery to do so. Normally you'll get a control knob for specific EQ bands like Bass and Treble. Active EQ lets you sculpt a tone with more range and authority. You can make small or significant changes on the fly just by turning a knob on your bass' control panel. Each knob has a centre notch for the neutral position: turning one way boosts and the other way cuts that frequency. Simple yet powerful!
Music Man generally use the accepted standard bass scale length of 34".