Music Man Sterling

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About Music Man Sterling

The Music Man Sterling bass is an original design solid body bass guitar. The Sterling is a full size bass, but it is known for its downsized body and neck profile when compared with other Music Man basses such as the StingRay.

The Music Man Sterling is available as a 4 string and as a 5 string bass. Standard models include a single humbucking pickup, an active EQ system and a compensated nut for holding better tuning and intonation.

The Music Man Sterling bass is a popular choice for musicians of many genres, not least guitarists who are transitioning to bass. They are known to be extremely comfortable and playable.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Music Man Sterling

The active EQ section (powered by a 9v PP3 battery) allows you to boost and cut the specific treble, middle and bass frequencies of the bass. This brings a huge amount of flexibility to an already excellent sounding bass.