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About Taylor Guitars

Taylor guitars was started by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug in 1974. Based in El Cajon, California, they are an innovative manufacturer of world class acoustic guitars. From the travel sized GS Mini to the masterpiece Presentation series, Taylor offer some of the finest acoustic guitars money can buy. Popular models include the Grand Auditorium 214ce electro acoustic and the Academy series 10e.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor Guitars

String brand and gauge is a matter of preference but Taylor themselves recommend using Elixir HD Light sets. These strings are made of Phosphor Bronze, coated in nanoweb technology for longevity and are available in a hybrid gauge with a 0.013 gauge high 'E' string and a 0.053 gauge low 'E'. These strings are well balanced, sound bright & smooth and last for a very long time.
Taylor's most popular acoustic guitar is the 114ce model. Year after year it proves to be a best seller.
Taylor produce some of their guitars in Mexico to be able to offer much more affordable guitars at price points below what is possible with USA made guitars. Instruments such as the GS Mini and the 100 Series are produced in Taylor's Tecate, Mexico factory and represent fantastic value for money. These guitars are still 100% Taylor, made in their own premises.
The Expression System 2 is the second generation of Taylor’s innovative piezo pickup system. Instead of placing the pickup sensors directly under the bridge saddle, Taylor have discovered that moving the piezo crystal sensors behind the bridge helps to create a more realistic and warm plugged-in tone. This revolutionary design allows a far more natural sound, delivering much more of the guitar’s true sound to your audience.
Taylor acoustic guitars come in five body shapes. The two most popular are the Grand Auditorium and the Dreadnought. The body shapes are, in order from smallest to largest: Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium, Grand Symphony, Dreadnought & Grand Orchestra. The GS Mini and Baby Taylor and smaller versions of the Grand Symphony and Dreadnought models respectively.