Suede Guitar Straps

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About Suede Guitar Straps

Suede Guitar Straps offer a timeless, classy look that's paired with highly effective performance as a strap material. Suede's natural thickness and suppleness offers a comfortable padding effect and stretch that ensures a comfortable playing experience, while the suede texture grips your clothing, making sure your electric, bass or acoustic guitar stays in position well with minimal effort on your part, leaving you free to concentrate on your playing.

We have a variety of suede guitar straps available from Taylor, Martin, Levy's and more.


Why Should I Choose a Suede Guitar Strap?

  • Natural cushioning effect
  • Suede texture grips your clothing, ensuring your guitar stays in position
  • Suede is a classy, timeless look that works with any style of guitar

Frequently Asked Questions about Suede Guitar Straps

Question: Are suede guitar straps worth it?
Yes! Suede guitar straps bring a great balance of grip, comfort and style that really add to your guitar playing experience.
Question: Is suede a good guitar strap material?
Yes! Suede is naturally supple with a thickness that adds a padding effect to keep your guitar hanging comfortably. The surface of the suede also provides great friction against your clothing, helping keep your guitar in position easily.
Question: How thick should a suede guitar strap be?
That really depends on you, the player! Generally, the thicker and wider the strap, the greater the cushioning and spreading of the weight across your shoulder and back. This is generally at a trade off against price, so if you need any help, please feel free to ask one of our knowledgeable staff instore or online.
Question: Are suede guitar straps comfortable?
Yes they are! The natural padding effect, soft feel and grippy texture ensure your guitar stays in position and feels great to play.