Yamaha Bass Guitars

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Yamaha Bass Guitars

Yamaha Bass guitars have been around for many decades, gaining not only the public vote but also that of many high-profile players like Billy Sheehan, Adam Duce form Machine Head and Troy Sanders form Mastodon.

Yamaha offer a wide range of bass guitar styles, ranging form entry level models like the TRB174 through to high end custom models and artist signature basses.

Whatever your bass needs, Yamaha will have a model that suits. We are a major authorised UK Yamaha dealer so we have a fantastic selection of Yamaha basses both online and in each of our guitarguitar stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Bass Guitars

The most popular Yamaha bass guitar model is the TRB174. The best selling finish is Old Violin Sunburst.
Yes! Many of Yamaha's basses have active circuitry. For example, everything in the TRBX range from the 200 models up have active circuits. A popular model is the TRBX304.
Most standard Yamaha basses (i.e. not 5 or 6 string basses etc) have an industry standard 34" scale length. The TRB has a slightly longer 35" scale for a different feel and better handling of downtuning.
All Yamaha basses will be great for beginners but we'd recommend checking out the BB234 and the TRB174: both basses feature slim necks, great tones and light weight bodies.