Bass Guitar Starter Packs

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About Bass Guitar Starter Packs

Bass guitar starter packs are the perfect gift for the budding bassist. Inside one box is everything you need to get them up and running with bass playing. Some of the biggest brands in guitar history make bass starter packs. These packages offer fantastic value. They are popular and easy to buy since everything is bundled together.

Each pack contains different items but most include an amp, soft gig bag, a tuner, a strap and some plectrums.

Please browse our acoustic packs online or talk to our staff in store for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bass Guitar Starter Packs

Question: Are bass guitars too big for young children to play?
It is difficult to say for sure! Bass guitars are certainly long compared with guitars so we don't recommend small children play a bass to begin with. Short scale basses are available but not in starter packs. We recommend visiting us at one of our stores where the prospective bassist can try one out for size!