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About Volume Pedals

Volume pedals are a utility that can be used in both practical and creative ways. Many guitarists do not understand how useful they can be until they try one for themselves! Volume pedals look similar to wah pedals and are constructed with a similar treadle pedal that rocks back and forth. Usually, volume is at a maximum with the pedal in ‘toe down’ position and off at the ‘heel down’. Guitarists can control their stage volume directly from their foot with a volume pedal.

Not only that, guitarists can also perform ‘violining’ techniques with a volume pedal by playing a note with the volume off and gradually bringing the volume back in so the guitar sounds like it is being bowed. Also, some volume pedals have a minimum setting so that you can go between, say, 50% volume and full volume, perfect if you want a lead and rhythm tone from the same sound.

Many companies manufacture volume pedals, including Dunlop, Ernie Ball and BOSS. We keep these and more in each of our guitarguitar UK stores, with the full range of course available here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Volume Pedals

No, this simply refers to their intended application. The 'active' volume pedals have different potentiometers in order to better handle the signal from active instruments like, for example, a bass with active pickups and active tone controls. The pedals themselves do not need a power source.
BOSS's FV500 pedals (both the H and L varieties) have a control knob to set the minimum volume, ideal for using as a gradual boost.
We recommend putting your volume pedal right at the start of your chain. If you normally have your tuner at the start, put the volume pedal immediately after that. We feel that this is the most practical and musical place for it.
No, most do not actually. The majority of volume pedals are passive and therefore need no power whatsoever.