BOSS Volume Pedals

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About BOSS Volume Pedals

BOSS Volume Pedals are loved for their stylish design and ultra smooth pedal movement that can be used for creating ambient swells. BOSS' tank tough diecast pedals are loved by the most demanding customers and their reliability has seen them served as an industry standard for professional musicians for decades. While some models like the FV-30L deliver pristine stereo audio, others like the FV500H, can operate as a mono pedal but features an expression output that's compatible with expression compatible amps and pedals. Industry-standard volume pedals in the BOSS FV series feature a robust aluminum die casting body with adjustable pedal feel, minimum volume operation and a smooth action, proving that the bar has been raised yet again thanks to BOSS and their innovative approach to effects.

Why Should I Choose a BOSS Volume Pedal?

  • Precise control
  • Smooth operation
  • Reliable build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about BOSS Volume Pedals

Question: Are BOSS volume pedals any good?
Yes, BOSS volume pedals are considered the industry standard and are used by many professional musicians.
Question: Where are BOSS volume pedals made?
BOSS have manufacturing facilities in Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia.
Question: Are BOSS volume pedals expression?
Some models like the FV500H can also be used as an expression pedal.
Question: Which guitarists use a BOSS volume pedal?
Some notable users include Matt Bellamy, The Edge, Andy Summers, Ed O'Brien and Steve Vai.
Question: The FV-500 has a 'minimum volume' knob: what is the point of that?
It's actually very useful. Set up your heaviest sound and then set this knob at maybe 9 or 10 o'clock - you now have a rhythm sound to go with your flat out lead sound!
Question: Where should I place a volume pedal in my effects chain?
We think the best places are right at the start or right at the end of your effects chain. If you want your reverb and delay trails to carry on after you bring the volume down, have the volume pedal at the beginning of the chain. If you want everything to be completely quiet (and have your tails muted) then put your volume at the end. It is always worth experimenting with pedal placement but these are the most effective place to begin.
Question: What do the 'H' and 'L' parts of the FV-500 pedals mean?
This refers to high and low impedence : the High impedence model is for instrument-level signals.
Question: What is the BOSS FV-30L volume pedal?
The FV-30L is a stereo volume pedal with a smaller footprint.