Keyboard Workstations

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About Keyboard Workstations

Keyboard Workstations are the ultimate music production tool. They are jam-packed full of sounds, beats, rhythms and other professional features.

Not just a composition tool, keyboard workstations are a match for almost any player. Whether it's for live performance, studio work or sound design, workstations are great.

Workstations often feature midi sequencing, audio sampling and recording, analog synthesis emulation, beat sync, effects and automation.

If you're a musician looking for the most power possible in a synthesizer, a keyboard workstation could be for you.

We have a variety of keyboard workstations available from Roland and Yamaha.


Why Should I Choose a Keyboard Workstation?

  • Huge sound library
  • Complete whole compositions on one keyboard
  • Sequence external equipment

Frequently Asked Questions about Keyboard Workstations

Question: What is the difference between a keyboard workstation and a regular keyboard?
The main difference between workstations and other keyboards and synthesizers is the sheer amount of features and processing power. A key part of the workstation is the ability to sequence and play multiple synth and rhythm tracks internally when a regular keyboard simply doesn't possess the polyphony and multitimbrality to do so.
Question: What should I look for in a keyboard workstation?
Some good features to look out for are multisampling and the ability to record audio, plus a good selection of "real-time" controls on the front panel.
Question: Can I sequence my other synthesizers with a keyboard workstation?
Yes, most workstations will allow you to sequence external equipment via MIDI.