Keyboard Workstations

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About Keyboard Workstations

Workstation Keyboards are a one stop shop for keyboarders. With massive amounts of sounds and editing, workstations allow for complete arrangement and sequencing of songs, with multiple tracks, layers and effects.

Workstations can often handle audio sampling and feature other useful tools. For example, the Yamaha Genos offers vocoding and vocal harmony effects while the Korg Kronos 2 allows multiple tracks of recording, making this arranger essentially a recording studio within a keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keyboard Workstations

Absolutely. If you have synth modules or synthesizers you wish to use the sounds of, the on-board sequencer will be able to control them via a 5 pin MIDI cable.
In most cases workstations will be connected to a studio setup or PA system. However, certain keyboards do have dedicated speaker systems available. If you require speakers for use at home, we recommend looking at our selection of studio monitors. We also have a great range of portable PA systems for live use.