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About Korg Workstations

Korg workstations are the true one-stop-shop for music performance, composition and production. Each Korg workstation is packed full of sounds, rhythms and effects as well as features like sequencing and sampling.
Whether you're playing keys in a band or writing and recording, your Korg workstation will be a key element in your process. It will provide in-depth sound editing in virtually any style, from acoustic to synthesized, sampled or analog modelling. Each sound can be tweaked and blended together to create new and interesting tones. Layers of sounds can also be split across the keyboard. This means you can play more than one patch at once and don't need to keep moving presets throughout a song.
Songs can easily be crafted thanks to the sequencing, sampling and recording features. Be inspired to create new musical ideas and see your songs through to completion using one instrument.
Regardless of musical style, your Korg workstation has everything you need to get the job done.

Why Should I Choose a Korg Workstation?

  • Huge library of sounds and rhythm
  • Excellent for use on stage and in the studio
  • Program music with onboard sequencing

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Workstations

Question: What is the best Korg workstation for professional musicians?
The Korg Kronos is very popular among professional touring musicians and can do pretty much anything you need it to.
Question: How many keys do Korg workstations have?
Korg workstations are available in 61, 73 and 88 key models.
Question: Am I able to sample audio with a Korg workstation?
Yes, the Nautilus and Kronus both allow you to create instrument patches using your own samples.