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About Korg Workstations

Korg workstations pioneer the workstation market, and it's no secret that the Korg M1 was the world's first popular music workstation and ended up being the biggest selling synthesizer of all time. Fast forward 30 years and Korg are still at the top of the Workstation game.

The Kronos and it's younger siblings the Krome and Kross are genuine keyboard swiss army knives, providing everything a keyboard player needs for any situation. Packed full of sounds in a huge range of styles including piano, synthesizer, bass, brass, orchestral strings and drums, these workstations also offer features such as sampling, arpeggiators and sequencing. Full tracks can even be produced and recorded with ease thanks to the onboard recording functionality.

Korg keyboard workstations are a common sight both on stage and in the studio, which proves their versatility. We love Korg workstations here at guitarguitar, do let us know if you have any questions about them and our specialist staff will be more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Workstations

Question: Are Korg workstations best suited for stage or studio use?
Both equally, the workflow and features are suited to use both on stage and in the studio.
Question: What styles of music can I play with a Korg workstation?
Korg workstations can handle practically anything you throw at them thanks to their massive sound content and sampling capabilities. However, they are particularly popular with Prog, R&B, Jazz and Pop musicians.
Question: What is a keyboard workstation?
Keyboard workstations offer endless possibilities in one synthesizer package, including acoustic and digital instrument and drum sounds, MIDI sequencing, audio recording and sampling. These features enable a musician to compose virtually any style of music with just one piece of equipment.