Korg Kronos

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About Korg Kronos

The Korg Kronos series of keyboard workstations have been the benchmark for professional musicians for over a decade.

Not only are they packed full of beautiful sounds and effects, sampling, rhythms and powerful sequencing, Kronos is also host to countless features designed to make a musicians life easier. Every parameter is editable via the HD touch screen and easy to create setlists for gigs, complicated sounds that can evolve as you play with KARMA, record audio and MIDI via USB, control external hardware and so much more. We can say with confidence that if you can imagine it, Korg Kronos can do it.

Why Should I Choose Korg Kronos?

  • They are powerful synthesizers designed for professional musicians
  • Excels on stage and in the studio
  • Breathtaking acoustic and synthesized sounds
  • Effective sampling and sequencing
  • Touch screen control

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Kronos

Question: Is Korg Kronos the best workstation?
While it's hard to define what is best, Korg Kronos is definitely one of the most popular with professional musicians.
Question: What's the difference between Korg Kronos and Kronos 2?
Korg Kronos 2 is far more powerful than the first-generation model and features more storage, more sounds and better sequencing.
Question: How do I load samples into Korg Kronos?
You can load your samples into the Kronos directly from a pen drive, or you can record the audio straight into the Kronos via Sampling Mode.
Question: How do I record on Korg Kronos?
Audio can be recorded in Sampling mode, while your playing can be recorded into the onboard sequencer.
Question: Are there demo songs on Korg Kronos?
Yes, Kronos features a selection of demo songs, as well as several sound sets that nod towards popular songs and closely emulate their sounds and accompaniments.