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About Korg Kronos

The Korg Kronos 2 is a sophisticated keyboard workstation, a true workhorse capable of accurately reproducing the sounds of a vast array of instruments (including pianos, organs, synths and strings) thanks to it's 9 distinct KRONOS sound engines which allow users to tweak sounds down to the smallest detail via the colour touchscreen. The Kronos features a powerful midi sequencer and 16 track audio recorder which aid the Kronos 2's reputation as a complete production tool.

The Kronos 2 has proven extremely popular with serious musicians and it is not uncommon to see a Kronos on large stages, thanks not only to its aptitude as a versatile synthesizer with vast sound libraries, but also its ability to work as an arranger keyboard. It is packed full of accompaniment styles which are found in music from around the world, and features many tweakable arrangements based on popular songs we all know and love.

The Kronos is one of the most powerful keyboards on the market and it's hard to go wrong with a keyboard that can do practically everything you're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Kronos

Question: Does the Korg Kronos have weighted keys?
All 73 and 88 note Kronos keyboards feature weighted hammer action keybeds, while the 61 note model features a more lightweight semi-weighted action keybed.
Question: What is Karma?
In this context, 'Karma' stands for Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture, named after its creator Stephen Kay. It is an algorithmic musical tool used to create music on the fly. Users are able to create their own scenes which contain arpeggiated patterns. These patterns take cues from the chords played to generate a fully accompanied track including drums, guitars, synths, pianos and orchestras. This process allows you to perform full music productions in any style you'd like and is ideal for use by function bands, theatres, session musicians and film score composers.
Question: Is the Kronos suitable for use in houses of worship?
Absolutely. Not only is the Kronos able to accurately reproduce the sound of acoustic pianos, it can also realistically mimic the sound of pipe organs. In addition to this, the Karma Lab functionality allows you to create fully orchestrated arrangements on the fly, perfect for church use.
Question: Who uses the Kronos?
Noteable Kronos users are Rick Wakeman, Chick Corea, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Pet Shop Boys, Derek Sherinian and Keith Emerson.