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About Korg Drums

The Volca, KR and Electribe Series' drum machines are versatile drum based electronic rhythm machines capable of tackling multiple genres. The Wavedrum Global is a percussion instrument packaged full of digital, acoustic and world music sounds and features an expressive playing surface with a realistic response. The ClipHit is a portable, affordable and very fun drum module system that is not only a great tool for experienced drummers, but perfect for beginners and kids as well as for use in music education. It can even be used as a sensory sound tool for use in special needs education.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Drums

Question: Who is the Cliphit designed for?
The ClipHit is for anyone looking for a simple and portable way of triggering electronic samples. The ClipHit allows you to connect its triggers to virtually any surface and play samples from the built in speaker. Not only is it great for portable band practice, it is a great tool for use in schools and in audio sensory interaction in special needs education.
Question: Can the Wavedrum be played with sticks?
Yes, the Wavedrum can be used with both hands and sticks.
Question: Is the Wavedrum good for eastern percussion?
The Wavedrum is ideal for eastern percussion playing. It is packed full of sounds, including tablas, kalimbas, udus and gamelans