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About Fender Guitars

Fender guitars are the most recognizable electric guitars in history. Their Stratocaster and Telecaster designs have defined what the world at large thinks of as the electric guitar. Countless rock legends have played Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters, both in the studio and on tour. They are versatile, practical, tough and beautiful.

These two core models have remained in uninterrupted production since day one. Today, there is a dizzying selection of models to choose from. These come from many different countries and fall into to several different ranges.

Fender's more affordable models fall under the Squier name. These guitars are made in the Far East. Though they carry a different name on the headstock, they are official Fender designs.

Fender's mid-range models are produced in Ensenada, Mexic. You'll find Mexican Stratocasters and Telecasters in series' such as the Player, Classic, Classic Player and Deluxe Series. Certain Artist Series guitars are made in mexico as well.

American Fenders are made in Corona, California. These are found in the American Professional, American Elite, American Original and Artist Series collections.

Fender also have a Custom Shop. This is a world-famous workshop staffed by the best artisans. They make bespoke and small run Fender guitars that are truly the cream of the crop. You can buy team built models assembled by a number of artisans. Master Built guitars are also available. These instruments are made by the same men and women who hand build guitars for clients including Eric Clapton and John Mayer.

At guitarguitar, we absolutely love Fender. As one of the brand's largest UK dealers, we carry more Fender electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars than anybody else.

What Makes Fender Guitars Different?

  • Perhaps the most famous and iconic electric guitars in history, and the most popular to this day
  • Known for their sleek, chimey and 'twangy'sound
  • Famously strong and durable instruments
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Guitars

    The quick answer is...everybody! Countless guitar legends since the 50s have used the Stratocaster to perform songs that have changed history. Here is a short, select list: Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Hank Marvin, Ritchie Blackmore, David Gilmour, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mark Knopfler, Nile Rogers, Dave Murray, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and John Mayer. This is just a few of them!
    Fender's Mexican range includes some great value for money guitars that are inspiring and reliable. They make a few models with a selection of single coil pickups and humbuckers that will definitely see you from the 50s to the 80s and beyond! To begin with, check out the following: the Fender Player Strat HSS, Fender Player Strat HSH and Fender Dave Murray Strat. The last of these has a very versatile trio of Seymour Duncan pickups and a Floyd Rose for a more 'rock' choice that still has what you need. American made Strats are not necessarily out of reach either. The American Special HSS Strat is incredible value for money and is a real workhorse. Overlook this at your peril! If you can stretch to it, the American Pro Strat HSS with the Shawbucker pickup in the bridge is a fantastic quality guitar. It is well worth the extra spend! If you want to try any of these, or require more assistance, please do not hesitate to visit any of our stores or keep in touch online. We are here to help!
    Fender make literally dozens and dozens of Stratocaster models! Hardware, pickups, woods, vintage provenance and country of manufacture vary. Some Strats are vintage themed and have period-specific hardware and styling. Others are hot rodded for heavier music and can have humbucking pickups, locking tremolos and other upgrades. More still are a combination of both of these things, designed to take advantage of the Stratocaster's very versatile design. These guitars, Elite and Deluxe models, are for players who like to cover a large amount of sonic ground with one instrument. Now more than ever, there is a Fender Stratocaster model out there for everyone! Check out our entire range online.
    A whammy bar is a slang term for a vibrato bar bridge. Fender called it a tremolo and this term has stuck ever since. However it is technically a vibrato since, when operated, it changes the pitch of the strings due to physically letting off some of the tension in the tuned string, lowering the sound. Vibrato means movement in pitch whilst tremolo refers to a change in volume. The Stratocaster tremolo is now known as a 'vintage style tremolo'. This differentiates it from vibrato bridges that have locking mechanisms. These are operated in a similar manner but are fundamentally different in both design and maintenance. Almost all Stratocasters have a whammy bar.