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About Fender American Pro

The Fender American Professional Series takes over from the previous American Standard series to become the new 'Standard' USA-made Fender range. These instruments feature upgraded V-mod pickups, new 'Deep C' neck carves and narrow frets as well as treble bleed circuitry in the volume control.

The series includes Stratocasters, Telecasters (models both with and without humbuckers), a Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Jazz bass and Precisison bass. Each model has its own features but collectively they are an incredible series with feel and tone to spare.

As one of the largest authorised Fender dealers in the UK, we have the greatest selection of American Professional guitars and basses around.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender American Pro

In short, it's the sound, the style and the feel. The range has fantastic, fresh new pickups assigned and designed to give you a plethora of classic through to contemporary Fender tones and beyond. Whether they are the V-Mod single coils or the Shawbucker humbuckers, these pickups have been made specifically for the American Professional range and they sound superb. The feel is all in the new 'Deep C' neck carve, which players love. Guitarists have been calling for a more substantial neck profile for a while now and Fender have aced it with this carve. There is a rainbow of delicious colours available, some of which, like Mystic Seafoam, we have never seen before! These are available on a range of guitar models. Fender have given players the guitars they want to be playing such as Deluxe HH Telecasters and Jazzmasters. The American Professional range is pretty special for sure.
The Deep C profile is unique in that it tapers out as it travels from the low frets to the high. The lower fret area has a slightly slimmer carve and the higher part of the neck has a broader profile. It is particularly comfortable to play on.
V-Mod pickups are specially designed single coils that incorporate blends of different alnico magnets depending on the pickup's position on the guitar in order to give the greatest possible tone for each area. Neck pickups have a different blend of alnico magnets than Middle position pickups, for example, so that each pickup selection is optimum tone-wise. These are some of the best sounding pickups Fender have ever made.