Fender American Pro Jazzmaster

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About Fender American Pro Jazzmaster

The Fender American Professional Jazzmaster re-establishes this enduring favourite as a guitar for today's players. Keeping everything that makes the Jazzmaster so interesting, Fender have added some new revisions to improve the sound and feel. New V-mod pickups and a 'Deep C' profile neck carve are just a few of these revisions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender American Pro Jazzmaster

They are single coils, yes, but they are also specially developed units unavailable anywhere else. Designed by Michael Frank, these are overwound to give a hotter tone than standard Jazzmaster pickups. Each pickup - neck and bridge - has been specially designed and calibrated for its position.
The Fender American Professional Jazzmaster has Fender's standard 25.5" scale length.
Yes. Fender have simplified the complex Jazzmaster circuitry down to a single Lead circuit with a three-way toggle for selecting pickups. Guitarists looking for the traditional Jazzmaster Rhythm/Lead circuit should check out the American Original 60s Jazzmaster.