Kids Guitars & 3/4 Sized Electrics

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About Kids Guitars & 3/4 Sized Electrics

If you are looking for an electric guitar designed with younger players in mind, we have a great choice of kids guitars such as our 3/4 sized electrics to choose from. These compact versions are a great alternative to full size models and can be much easier for new and smaller players to get used to.

We have 3/4 sized electric guitars available from Squier, Jackson, EastCoast, Ibanez and Epiphone. These are some of the best brands in the industry and they have specifically designed these guitars with the younger player in mind. From the iconic Strat and Les Paul designs to the heavy metal inspired Jackson models with their bright neon colours, there is plenty of choice.

If you aren't sure which 3/4 sized electric guitar is best for your child, we are on hand to offer advice. Whether in-store or online, we'll be happy to help get their electric guitar journey started.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kids Guitars & 3/4 Sized Electrics

Question: What age group are 3/4 size guitars for?
It's more a question of physical size than age: some smaller adults prefer a 3/4 guitar and some 9 year olds are too big for one! It really comes down to trying a few and determining how easy one guitar is to play on compared with another. Our staff are always available to help you through this stage, offering guidance and assistance whenever you need it.
Question: Can adults play 3/4 sized electric guitars?
Yes! There are no real rules, just try a variety of sizes and go with what feels best to you. Plenty of full sized guitars like the Fender Duo Sonic are not too much bigger than a 3/4 size guitar anyway so just play a selection of different guitars to zero in on what you like.
Question: When will my child require a full size guitar?
It is difficult to say for definite but if your son or daughter is around 9 or 10 years old, they may need a full size guitar unless they happen to be on the smaller side. The opposite can be true too: some kids get on fine with a full size guitar at a young age. Our best advice is to visit a guitarguitar store where our friendly staff will offer help and guidance.
Question: Can kids electric guitars work without the amplifier?
You can defintiely sit down and play them unplugged but they are not designed for this use and the resulting tone will be quiet and lacking in 'sound'. Plugging into an amplifier and keeping the volume down is a much better option for quiet practising!