Ibanez Mikro

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About Ibanez Mikro

The Ibanez Mikro is the great series of downsized Ibanez guitars that are very popular with the musician on the move, or for younger children who want to learn electric guitar to play heavier styles of music.

These guitars feature a total scale length 22.2", making them much more compact than a standard electric guitar, but the specs are kept consistent, making them sound legitmately great.

Why Should I Choose an Ibanez Mikro Guitar?

  • Smaller size
  • Very affordable
  • Good specs
  • Excellent for travelling
  • Great for children

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Mikro

Question: What size is the Ibanez Mikro?
The Ibanez Mikro has a Scale Length of 22.2".
Question: What type of strings will I need for the Ibanez Mikro?
You can use any standard set of electric guitar strings on this guitar. We would perhaps recommend using a light gauge such as 9s or even 8s since the scale length is significantly smaller. Our staff are always on hand to discuss and advise in these areas.
Question: Are Ibanez Mikro guitars any good?
Yes. Ibanez Mikro guitars are very good. Their smaller size makes them ideal for travelling, for younger children or just as a fun practice guitar. They have similar specs to their original, full-size counterparts and play exceptionally well.
Question: What is an Ibanez Mikro guitar?
Ibanez Mikro guitars are downsized versions of popular Ibanez models. This makes them ideal as small travel electric guitars, or for younger children who are looking to start playing electric guitar and prefer heavier rock or metal.
Question: What do Ibanez Mikro guitars sound like?
Well, Ibanez Mikro guitars use the same pickups and materials as Standard collection RG guitars so they sound very 'rock' when plugged into a distorted amp! You can dial in clean tones and light overdrives via your amp as well but these guitars are at their happiest when they can be heavily distorted with lots of gain for a filthy rock/metal tone.