Ibanez Mikro

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About Ibanez Mikro

Ibanez Mikro guitars are down-sized versions of Ibanez's most popular RG guitar models. Featuring Infinity pickups, Sharktooth inlays and correctly aggressive styling, the Mikro series may be small but they are legitimate hard rock guitars!

Guitars such as the GRGM21 encapsulate all of this in an instrument that has a smaller-sized RG body and a maple neck with a 22.2" scale length so smaller rockers can get their hands on a proper Ibanez! Adults can also enjoy the Mikro series - they work really well as travel guitars for rockers on the move.

If you have a young child who loves rock music, an Ibanez Mikro guitar is a fantastic choice to get them started on their guitar playing journey. Most of our UK shops stock these and they are also availabe here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Mikro

Question: What type of strings will I need for the Ibanez Mikro?
You can use any standard set of electric guitar strings on this guitar. We would perhaps recommend using a light gauge such as 9s or even 8s since the scale length is significantly smaller. Our staff are always on hand to discuss and advise in these areas.
Question: Does this plug into a normal guitar amp?
Yes, absolutely! The jack connection is a standard 1/4" so a normal guitar cable will plug into it and then into any guitar amplifier.
Question: What age are Ibanez Mikro guitars suitable for?
Ibanez Mikro guitars are suitable for people of any age really, since adults can use them as travel guitars. Having said that, they are proper guitars, not toys, so very young kids should maybe not get their hands on one. We'd say that children of around 6 years old will be able to begin using one of these guitars but that is just a rule of thumb - your own judgement will be as good an indicator as any.
Question: What do Ibanez Mikro guitars sound like?
Well, Ibanez Mikro guitars use the same pickups and materials as Standard collection RG guitars so they sound very 'rock' when plugged into a distorted amp! You can dial in clean tones and light overdrives via your amp as well but these guitars are at their happiest when they can be heavily distorted with lots of gain for a filthy rock/metal tone.