Larrivee Guitars

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About Larrivée Guitars

Larrivée Guitars are some of the finest acoustic guitars you will ever play. Built with completely solid wood, Larrivée aim to provide guitars of the highest quality. Larrivée begin the guitar making process on the forest floor, hand-selecting the finest FSC woods before taking them into the workshop and creating incredible instruments.

Larrivée guitars have a great sound, and feature some truly stunning aesthetics. Larrivée have some of the most beautiful and intricate inlay work that you will ever see on a guitar.

Why Should I Choose a Larrivée Guitar?

  • Larrivée acoustic guitars are very high quality
  • Hand selected wood
  • Sustainable
  • Stunning designs

Frequently Asked Questions about Larrivee Guitars

Question: Are Larrivée guitars any good?
Yes. Larrivée acoustic guitars are extremely good. Larrivée use hand-selected materials to provide the highest quality guitars with an incredible sound.
Question: What happened to Larrivée Guitars?
In November 2013 Larrivée was forced to close it's Vancouver workshop and focus solely on their newly established California workshop.
Question: Where are Larrivée guitars made?
Larrivée guitars are now made in Oxnard, California.