Benson Pedals

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About Benson Pedals

Benson Pedals beautifully capture what makes a vintage pedal great. It's easy to dial in a world class tone when your signal is passing through the highest quality comments and an expertly designed signal chain. Whether you're looking for a preamp pedal, fuzz pedal a very musical eq or a versatile clean boost overdrive each Benson pedal delivers an exciting sound with rich harmonics, truly a chimera of sound that any die hard tone chaser will love.

Why Should I Choose a Benson Pedal?

  • Tasteful and versatile vintage tones
  • Intuitive operation with impressive results
  • Hand made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions about Benson Pedals

Question: Are Benson pedals any good?
Yes, Benson pedals are incredibly well designed and sound great for many styles.
Question: What are Benson pedals good for?
Benson pedals are a great way to access vintage tones without compromising clarity.
Question: Where are Benson pedals made?
Each Benson pedals is hand made in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Question: Who uses a Benson pedal?
The lover of vintage tone and high quality sound.