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About Shure Accessories

Shure Accessories give the musician a range of options for wirelessly connecting your guitar or bass to the rest of your rig, pedals, amp etc. leaving you free to rock out to your heart's content. Their fantastic range of wireless solutions deliver excellent audio transfer quality, all built with Shure's lauded level of performance and reliability ensuring you can depend on your gear, night after night, gig after gig.

Why Should I Choose Shure Accessories?

  • Built to a fantastic level of performance and reliability
  • Fantastic audio transfer quality
  • Highly effective wireless systems leave you free to navigate the stage

Frequently Asked Questions about Shure Accessories

Question: Are Shure accessories any good?
Yes they are! Like all Shure products, their accessories are built to a fantastic degree of quality, reliability and performance, so you can be sure your Shure accessories will stand up to the rigours of gigging, night after night.
Question: What kind of accessories do Shure produce?
Shure produce a great range of accessories to wirelessly connect your guitar to your rig, pedals, amp etc. leaving you free to rock the stage!