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About Shure

Shure is one of the largest studio and stage hardware manufacturers in the world. As a pioneer of audio technology for over 90 years, the brand has a long-lasting legacy in reliability. The company is possibly best known for their excellent microphones. The SM58 and SM57 are the top two selling microphones in the world. They remain key items in studios and on stage after more than 50 years.

Shure manufacture both condenser and dynamic microphones. These mics are industry standards in recording studios, on stages and in television and film. Their wireless microphone systems bring added freedom. They are available as handheld, headset and lavalier mics. You can choose between affordable analogue or pristine digital audio formats.

Shure is also known for their excellent headphones and in-ear monitors. These closed back, open back and DJ headphones provide the superior sound and reliability professionals need. Shure are also one of the main brands for wireless in-ear monitor systems. These are becoming very popular for stage use. The in-ear systems feature sound isolating earphones and a transmitter that offers the same excellent quality and reliability as their wireless microphones. Let's be honest, when you're talking about amplifying sound directly into your ears, you don't want to skimp on quality! When it comes to pro audio equipment for stage and studio use, Shure offers quality that's worth investing in.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shure

Bono, Haim, Mumford and Songs, Jonathan Davis from Korn, Megadeth, The Who...and pretty much anyone who's used a microphone!
The SM58 is a dynamic microphone that was first launched in 1966. It has gone on to become the best selling microphone of all time and is a common feature in studios and on stages around the world.
The brand was founded in Chicago, USA in 1925 by Sidney N. Shure. Originally making radio kits, they began manufacturing microphones after a few years of operation.