Shure PG Alta

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About Shure PG Alta

The Shure PG Alta series has been designed to offer Shure's renowned quality and reliability at an affordable price. Shure have been one of the largest microphone manufacturers for decades, their microphones are found on virtually every stage and in every studio in the world, yet, they recognised that not everyone has the funds, or the need to buy a premium microphone.

With the PG Alta series, Shure engineered some of their most popular microphones to use less expensive components and casings, so you can get a premium sound without breaking your budget. Since its launch, PG Alta series has been extremely popular with new producers, smaller venues and even schools and colleges, so if you're looking for your first microphone or a mic for a specific use and don't want to spend into the hundreds, come take a look at the PG Alta series.

Why Should I Choose Shure PG Alta?

  • Affordable without compromise in quality
  • Microphones available for specific uses
  • Reliable Build Quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Shure PG Alta

Question: What is the Shure PG Alta range?
The Shure PG Alta has been designed to be an affordable gateway into Shure's quality and reliable microphones.
Question: Is Shure PG Alta any good?
Yes, with the PA Alta range, Shure took its decades of experience and used it to develop a line of microphones that were affordable, but didn't compromise sound quality.