KMA Machines Guitar Pedals

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KMA Machines Guitar Pedals

KMA Machines guitar pedals provide players with a wide choice of unique effects pedals. Made in Berlin, KMA Machines guitar pedals offer up a huge selection of tones from their intuitive and powerful controls. Whether you choose the Chief Disruptor Fundamental for fuzz and distortion sounds or the Pylon Advanced Transformer Boost Noise Gate, there are many options to help enhance your sound when you choose KMA Machines guitar pedals.

Why Should I Choose a KMA Machines Guitar Pedal?

  • Detailed and eye-catching artwork
  • A wide range of effects and sounds
  • Robust and ready for the road

Frequently Asked Questions about KMA Machines Guitar Pedals

Question: Who makes KMA Machines guitar pedals?
KMA Machines guitar pedals are made by a skilled team in Berlin, ensuring excellent quality in each one.
Question: What amp sounds can I achieve with KMA Machines pedals?
A range of distortion amp-type sounds can be achieved from pedals such as the Chief Disruptor Fundamental, Dead Stag, and Wurm.