Squier Bass Guitars

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About Squier Bass Guitars

Squier bass guitars are, like their electric guitar siblings, based on famous designs by Squier's parent company, Fender. Precision basses, Jazz basses, Jaguar and Mustang bass models are all available from Squier, across a multitude of series'.

Choices include retro models from the Classic Vibe series, hybrid designs from the Vintage Modified range or modern high powered active basses from the Contemporary series. All of these and more bass guitars are on display in our UK-wide showrooms with expert staff on standby to provide guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Bass Guitars

Squier basses are famously good for beginners! They display all of the style and vibe of classic bass designs but are available at an extremely affordable price! More than any other brand, Squier are the choice for music fans who want to begin playing bass. They are a great choice for those transitioning from guitar to bass. They are also a great choice for an inexpensive but reliable performance instrument.
Yes, Squier make the Bronco bass. This is part of the Affinity series and has a 30" scale length, four inches shorter than Squier's standard of 34".
PJ refers in all cases to the bass' pickup configuration. P-basses normally have a single split-coil pickup. A PJ bass also has one of the single coil pickups from a typical Jazz bass design. One P-Bass pickup + one J-Bass pickup = PJ bass!