Squier Affinity PJ Bass

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About Squier Affinity PJ Bass

The Squier Affinity PJ Bass is an affordable bass guitar for beginners. ‘PJ’ stands for ‘Precision’ and ‘Jazz’ which are two old Fender bass guitar designs. It indicates that the guitar is mainly a Precision Bass but has an extra Jazz Bass pickup.

The Precision Bass is an old Fender design first introduced in the late 1950s. It has since become one of the classic bass guitar designs. It has a deep, rumbling bass and for many players is the ‘one size fits all’ bass that they can use on any style of music. Rock, soul, metal, indie - whatever you play, the Squier Affinity PJ Bass will be able to handle it! The extra Jazz Bass pickup means you also have access to brighter, more aggressive tones.

The Squier Affinity PJ Bass is perfect for beginners as it is excellent value for money and easy to play. It has a wider fingerboard than the Affinity Jazz Bass which means the strings are further apart. This means you can be more accurate with your fingering because the strings aren’t bunched together.

Why Choose the Squier Affinity PJ Bass?

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Iconic look and tones
  • Easy to play

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Affinity PJ Bass

Question: Are Squier Affinity PJ basses good for beginners?
Squier Affinity PJ Basses are built with beginners in mind! The thing that makes them so good is they are easy to play, great value for money and can be used for any genre of music. They are suitable for all ages 12+.
Question: Where are Squier Affinity PJ Basses made?
The Squier Affinity PJ Bass is made in China.
Question: What pickups are in a Squier Affinity PJ Bass?
The Squier Affinity PJ Bass sports a Ceramic Single-Coil Jazz Bass pickup in the bridge position, and a Ceramic Split Single-Coil Precision Bass pickup in the neck position.