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About Collings Guitars

Collings Guitars are a boutique custom guitar brand from Texas. Founder Bill Collings led the way until his passing in 2017. His guiding principles were hard work, authenticity and the creation of instruments with soul. These remain the main focus of the company today. Years and years of hard work has built Collings into a name that is synonymous with quality, and big name artists such as Pete Townsend, Joni Mitchell, and Brian May have all been seen with a Collings guitar.

Collings guitars built their name on acoustic guitars but have expanded into electrics based on Bill Collings love of archtop instruments. Every instrument is built to carry on Bill's legacy and this can be felt in every model. Each guitar is hand crafted and voiced to be the best it can be. guitarguitar stock a great selection of Collings guitars that can be browsed online but are truly exceptional in person and can be tried out in store.

Why Should I Choose a Collings Guitar?

  • Crafted by highly-skilled luthiers
  • Classic-styled acoustic and electric models
  • Boutique-grade feel and sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Collings Guitars

Question: Are Collings guitars worth it?
Yes, if you're looking for some of the finest quality guitars on the market then Collings should definitely be considered.
Question: Who runs Collings guitars now?
Collings guitar is still run by largely the same team as before the passing of Bill Collings and they strive to uphold his legacy of quality and customer care.
Question: Where are Collings guitars made?
Austin, Texas, USA. They are crafted to very high levels making them a joy to play and hear.
Question: What strings do Collings guitars use?
Collings guitars use D'Addario strings. This helps to bring out the full potential of the instrument.
Question: Do Collings guitars have truss rods?
Yes, Collings guitars have a Truss Rod that can be adjusted with a 5/32" ball-end allen wrench.