Universal Audio Recording and Studio Equipment

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Universal Audio Recording and Studio Equipment

Universal Audio recording equipment is a mainstay in professional recording studios and renowned for its world-class quality. UA audio interfaces are some of the most versatile in their class, allowing users access to accurate emulations of iconic channel strips, compressors, guitar amps, EQs and other unique hardware from the last six decades, all ran directly on the interfaces own DSP processor.

Effects can be applied directly after the preamp so they are printed to the recording with zero latency, or can be run after the recording as an insert like any other plugin in your DAW, the great thing about this process is that even the highest quality processor heavy plugin is run on the audio interface, so has virtually no impact on your computers own CPU. This process is similar with the UA Satellite, this is a box that houses the DSP processors, but omits the audio interface features, allowing users an affordable way to access high powered DSP processing with the stunning UA plugins, allowing you to even use processor hungry plugins on slower computers.

We are big fans of Universal Audio here at guitarguitar, please browse the full selection online or contact your local store to arrange a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions about Universal Audio Recording and Studio Equipment

Question: Are Universal Audio Interfaces and Satellites USB compatible?
Universal Audio make both audio interfaces and Satellites in USB compatible formats, but they are also available in Firewire and Thunderbolt formats.
Question: How does the Satellite work with my setup?
Universal Audio Satellites are available in USB-3, Firewire and Thunderbolt formats, simply connect the Satellite to the relevant port on your computer and install the UA software, the plugins are then available to use within your DAW like any other FX plugins, but as they are running on the Satellite's processors, long reverbs and delays that can sometimes cause your DAW to buffer are played with silky smooth clarity.
Question: What's the benefit of an Octo or Quad Core over Duo or Solo Core?
Put simply, the more processing power you have, the more plugins you can run at any one time. Some plugins use more processing power than others, and because they are so distinctive and high quality, we've found UA plugins to be somewhat addictive, so the more you can use the better.
Question: Can I use a Satellite and an Apollo Twin together?
Yes, many UA products can be stacked to extend processing power or audio inputs and outputs. Please check www.uaudio.com for more details.