Schecter Bass Guitars

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About Schecter Bass Guitars

Schecter bass guitars fall in line with the ethos of their electric guitars: excellent quality, great parts and a good mix of traditional design with modern originality. Schecter offer basses with both passive and active hardware and are styled for hard rock and metal with plenty of swagger and attitude. We have a large selection of Schecter basses available online with selected models ready to try out in store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Bass Guitars

Question: What is the most popular Schecter bass guitar?
The most popular bass from Schecter is the Stilletto Stealth 5 in Satin Black.
Question: Do Schecter make 5 string basses too?
Yes they do and in fact their 5 string Stilletto model is our best selling Schecter bass! Other shapes available in 5 string versions include the Omen 5, J-5 and C-5 styles.
Question: What kind of wood are the Schecter C-4 Apocalypse basses made from?
Schecter use Swamp Ash for the bodies of the C-4 Apocalypse bass and Maple & Padauk for the neck with an Ebony fingerboard.