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About Bass Guitars

Bass guitars are a huge part of our business. Every guitarguitar store has a large bass department, and our Glasgow store has an entire floor dedicated to all things bass! We have the biggest selection of Fender Custom Shop basses in the UK. This is in addition to a wide variety of instruments from manufacturers such as Sadowsky, Music Man, Rickenbacker, Ibanez and Sandberg. We keep a large selection of left handed bass guitars in stock at a wide range of price points. We also stock many acoustic bass guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bass Guitars

We stock a wide range of bass guitars online and in every store. This includes 4 string, 5 string and 6 string electric basses, acoustic basses, short scale basses and fretless basses. We have active basses, passive basses and some special models that are partly fretted! We keep stock of major mainstream bass brands including Fender, Ibanez, Music Man and Rickenbacker. We also carry boutique brands such as Sadowsky, Sandberg and Lakland. A comprehensive range of bass amplification and effects for bassists is available.
Technically yes, but we don't recommend it. The bass produces a very specific set of low end frequencies and guitar amplifiers are just not designed to meet these. Playing a bass through a guitar amp robs your bass of its important low end, making it far less effective at its job. Also, long term use of a guitar amp in this manner may result in damage to the speaker inside the amp. We recommend using a dedicated bass amp always.
Some basses have more than the standard 4 strings to allow musicians to play both lower and higher notes than are usually available to them. A typical 5 string bass has an extra low B string: lots of modern styles use lower tunings and notes so this additional string is for that purpose. Lots of Jazz and fusion players like to have higher notes to use in their basslines. This is why some 5 string basses have a high B instead of a low B. 6 string basses often have both of these in order to provide a truly extended range instrument. Some 6 string basses such as the Squier Bass VI are actually hybrid instruments with characteristics of both an electric guitar and a bass.
A P-Bass is just the abbreviated term for the Precision Bass, a model by Fender which is perhaps the most famous and popular bass design ever.
Active electronics, found in many basses, use a 9v PP3 battery to supply power to an interior circuit. This circuit normally provides powerful tone shaping abilities e.g. the boosting and cutting of certain frequencies via tone knobs on the bass.