Bass Guitar Cases

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About Bass Guitar Cases

Bass Guitar Cases are designed specifically to keep your guitar safe as you travel and keep it in storage. Most touring musicians will experience their prized instrument being placed in the back of a van with other instruments and amps, or even have to hand their guitar over to be placed in the cargo hold when flying in a plane, using hard cases in these situations protects your bass guitar from impact damage. Keeping your guitar in a bass guitar hard case also means it's easier to store, if you need to leave your guitar in a lock up or studio, the case can be stacked alongside other instruments, giving you peace of mind, that your guitar will be as it should, the next time you go to pick it up.

Why Do I Need a Bass Guitar Case?

  • Keep your guitar safe from damage
  • Ideal for travelling with
  • Perfect for keeping your guitar in storage

Frequently Asked Questions about Bass Guitar Cases

Question: Do bass guitar cases fit all guitars?
Bass guitars come in various sizes and scale lengths, so it's important to check the measurements of a case to ensure that your guitar will fit.
Question: Are all bass guitar cases good for bass guitars?
It's always a good idea to travel with your guitar in a suitable case to prevent damage.