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Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Pedals

Question: What is the difference between the Line 6 Helix and Helix LT?
The internal sounds are the same but they are quite different units in terms of hardware. Made out of solid extruded aluminium, the Helix feels incredibly robust whereas the LT doesn’t feel quite as roadworthy. The Helix has many more inputs and outputs, sends and returns and even boasts an XLR microphone preamp. The Helix LT feature set is a bit more stripped back in this regard; still more than enough for most guitar players but won’t turn into such a large audio interface if called upon.
Question: Are Line 6 pedals any good?
Line 6 really are pioneers of digital technology, a field which is dramatically improving year on year. They let the cat out of the bag with DSP pedals in the late 90s and it’s not going away anytime soon. We think the Helix is extraordinary both in terms of its flexibility for live performance but it’s connectivity in the studio. It should also be pointed out that it is easy to download new ‘patches’ - ie new amp sounds and cab sims - to upgrade the sounds on the unit. Meaning the Helix can continue to develop as digital innovations become more and more realistic.