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Line 6 Helix HX Stomp Guitar Amp Modeller and Multi Effects Processor Pedal

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What we say:

At A Glance:

From the ground-breaking and insanely popular range of Helix effects comes the super compact and sturdy Line 6 Helix HX Stomp. The HX stomp is cut from the same cloth as the highest spec’d Helix and features a library of effects from Line 6’s past innovations such as the DM4 Distortion/Overdrive, MM4 Modulator, FM4 Filter Modeller of course the legendary green and mean DL4 Delay! A vast array of tones that can be routed in any way you see fit on guitar, bass or whatever is in your studio as well as full MIDI control stereo I/O’s and a whole lot more!

Features We Love:

Line 6’s Legacy in a Box

Dive deep into some of the sounds that changed the pedal landscape back in the early naughties with a vast selection of Line 6’s famous sounds. All modelled from the original source and with unbelievable precision you’ll be amazed at the scope and sound of this pedal thanks to the the same DSP chip and patented HX modelling found in the top of the line Helix.

Amp and Cabinet Sounds Too!

Not content with being an in depth FX modeller, Line 6 have also thrown in a whole host of guitar and bass models (and a looper) for you to enhance your tone with further. A lot of players these days will actually just leave the amp in the house and take the HX Stomp to the show and go straight into the desk!

In Depth Routing Options

One of the great things with the whole Helix range is the ability to absolutely geek out and get crazy with pedal and amp set ups and routing. Split/parallel signal paths provide flexible routing for both simple and complex signal chains as well as stereo options to fill out any stage you are in the middle of destroying!


  • Over 300 FX and Models from the Vast Line 6 Library
  • Bullet Proof Build and Simple Operation
  • Vast Routing Options!


  • Utilizes the same DSP chip and HX Modeling as Helix
  • Compact yet extremely powerful
  • Highest possible audio quality throughout, plus both true bypass and DSP bypass with trails
  • Over 300 effects and models from Helix, M-Series, and legacy Line 6 products
  • Up to 8 simultaneous amp, cab, and effect blocks (including a looper and IR loading) provide extensive tone-crafting options
  • A complete guitar or bass rig in one pedal
  • 3 capacitive-sensing footswitches with color-coded LED rings facilitate ease of use and fast editing
  • Split/parallel signal paths provide flexible routing for both simple and complex signal chains
  • TRS dual expression pedal/footswitch input extends creative control capabilities
  • Stereo effects loop (mono/stereo TRS send + stereo returns) facilitates use with other pedals

Technical Data

Amp Models 106
Effect Models 273
Presets 126 (42 banks x 3 presets)
Simultaneous Processing Blocks Up to 8 (DSP permitting)
Signal Flow Options Up to 2 stereo, serial or parallel
Snapshots 3 per preset
Impulse Responses (IRs) 128x 1024 or 2048-point
Global EQ Bands 3 fully parametric + variable low & high cut
Main Display 2.4”/6cm color LCD
Footswitches 3 capacitive touch w/ RGB rings + 2x external
Footswitch Modes Stomp, Preset, Snapshot, Looper
Footswitch Types Latching, Momentary
Looper Types 6 Switch, 1 Switch
Looper Memory (Full Speed) 60 sec mono/30 sec stereo
Looper Memory (1/2 Speed) 120 sec mono/60 sec stereo
1/4” Inputs Stereo L/R, Return L/R
1/4” Outputs Main L/R, Stereo Send
Effect Loop(s) 2x Send, 2x Return, stereo-linkable
Headphones 1/4" stereo
MIDI In, Out/Thru + USB
USB Audio Interface 8-in, 6-out w/ re-amping
Master Remote Control Command Center
Variable Impedance Circuitry Stereo L/R In
Chassis Cast aluminium
1/4" Exp Pedal Inputs EXP 1/2 (TRS; shared w/ Footswitch 4/5)
Power DC-3g
Product Height (in/cm) 3.61/9.2
Product Width (in/cm) 7.01/17.8
Product Depth (in/cm) 4.96/12.6
Product Weight (lb/kg) 1.75/0.79

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.9/5 (35 reviews)

A great, well-built product that is able to create a lot of versatile tones and rigs while being very portable. It's very easy to use out of the box and the continued software support adds even more value with things such as; new amps, effects and even improved cabinet emulation with more tweaking options.

rae r. - 3/2/2023

Pro gear. Just excellent compared to the competition. Highly recommened.

Steven F. - 23/1/2023

Adam D. - 9/1/2023

Ian S. - 3/1/2023

Only scratched the surface of what this can do, and it does it all in such a compact sized box. It came with a free carry case, which was massive, until I wedged a DI box and my TC Polytune in there as well. To have so many amps, tones, and effects, that I can carry on a bus, or on my motorcycle, is amazing. I play in covers bands that play 50s/60s music, and though it's always nice to play through real amps etc, I've decided the convenience of this unit is more important to me.

Gary K. - 2/11/2022

Craig A. - 7/8/2022

Great sound. Superb user interface.

John Y. - 19/2/2022

Took me a couple of days to get acquainted with it but it does everything I need it to. Great selection of effects and editing features, along with some decent amp and cab simulators.

Andrew C. - 10/12/2021

Line 6 HX Stomp. Excellent.

Paul G. - 7/10/2021

Fantastically versatile piece of kit. Integrates with a bigger rig or functions standalone in a TINY footprint. Feels built like a tank too.

Oliver C. - 19/7/2021

Dan D. - 4/7/2021

Great bit of kit, does everything I need and more.

Brett J. - 26/6/2021

Leticia T. - 5/5/2021

Great product, exactly what I was looking for

Martin D. - 1/5/2021

After lots of research I decided on this for a quiet practice alternative. Very pleased with the product, it's taken me quite a lot of playing around with to get perfect. Hours of fun for anyone!

Alex C. - 1/4/2021

Amazing very happy with service and product

Simon J. - 18/3/2021

Excellent sounds easy to use

Denis j. - 14/2/2021

For my personally its excellent equipment as I play guitar only at home. Powerful modeler with wide range of amps, cabs and effects.

Grzegorz C. - 9/9/2020

Exactly what I wanted, versatile and high quality

Andy B. - 27/7/2020

John B. - 5/7/2020

Simple to use and sounds amazing. Great sounding amp models and effects. Would highly recommend.

Joe C. - 18/6/2020

Out of this world, possibly the best piece of hardware I have ever purchased

martin s. - 27/5/2020

A K. - 24/5/2020

Fantastic sounds, perfect for what I wanted it for.

Ian P. - 21/5/2020

Joss S. - 14/5/2020

Great range of features, amps, effects, but still easy to use. Also very versatile in a direct recording environment. The computer software HX Edit works really well. I've used many PC/Mac software interfaces over the years, and this is the easiest to use.

Austin W. - 25/4/2020

Still getting to grips with it, but am sure that it will prove to be an excellent buy at a very competitive price.

John E. - 26/3/2020

Hugely versatile device, great for making bass, guitar and more tones for live or studio!

James H. - 2/3/2020

Aran L. - 13/2/2020

Great piece of gear but there are limitations. May sound obvious but it is cut down from its big brother.

David G. - 31/10/2019

Easy to use and sounds great

Rob M. - 21/9/2019

Excellent sounds but not intuitive to use. The Cheat sheet - which is all that comes with the box is way too shorthand. The online manual should show in more granular detail the steps to follow to create sounds and allocate and save these -

John . - 6/8/2019

Life changing. Such huge sounds from a small box.

Raymond D. - 20/5/2019

Helix in a stomp box, great tones and no more lugging amps around.

Craig P. - 8/1/2019

Helix in a stomp box, great tones and no more lugging amps around.

Craig P. - 8/1/2019

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