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About TC Electronic Pedals

TC Electronic are a major Danish effects manufacturer. They made their name with high quality rack effects including famous delay units.

TC have enjoyed a similar level of success with their guitar effects pedals. They make a wide range of effects in both compact pedal format and larger, multiple footswitch enclosures. Arguably their best known effects are their delays, reverbs and loopers. However they do make a broad spectrum of effects.

TC Electronic are known for innovations like their Toneprint technology. This allows the user to download tones directly to their pedal via their smartphone. This and other insightful inventions put TC up the top of the map for effects.

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Frequently Asked Questions about TC Electronic Pedals

The TC Sub 'n' Up is a polyphonic Octave device. Along with your original note, this pedal can give you an additional note an octave above, plus and octave below AND another a further octave below! You can determine how much of each octave is heard. The tracking of the notes is excellent so it will sound very natural.
Toneprint is a unique feature to many TC Electronic pedals. Used in conjunction with a smartphone app, Toneprints are unique presets made my famous artists (and other musicians too) that can be downloaded to the appropriate pedal. For example, John Petrucci makes a unique Flashback delay Toneprint.