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About TC Electronic

TC Electronic are an innovative Danish company famous for their high quality effects units. In the 80s they made legendary rackmounted delay units and today they have spearheaded the use of studio quality effects in stomp boxes. Several of their pedals are now industry standards. Certain innovations, like the Tone Print feature, have yet to be equalled in the world of compact effects.

TC Electronic's sister company is TC Helicon, an innovative company specialising in vocal effects. TC is a sign of quality and can be seen on the biggest stages and studios in the planet.

Whether you need a tuner, delay, looper, drive pedal or vocal effects processor, TC has something great for you. At guitarguitar, we are a major authorised TC Electronic dealer. Our expert staff will offer you the help and guidance that you need to find the perfect effect for you. You can also browse our entire TC range here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about TC Electronic

Question: What type of TC Electronic pedals are the most popular?
The TC Electronic Ditto is the most popular, followed by the Flashback delay pedals and the Hall of Fame reverbs. Both of these have spawned multiple 'sequels' and related models.
Question: Do TC make distortion pedals?
Yes they do! TC make a range of drive pedals from the Spark booster to the Dark Matter distortion and the Fangs Metal Distortion.
Question: I am a gigging singer songwriter and I want some vocal harmonies when I'm singing. What are my options?
You have a lot of choices! Assuming you play acoustic or electric guitar, you can go for a number of TC Helicon products. First up is the simple Harmony Singer pedal. It reads the chord info from your guitar and throws out some realistic sounding harmonies that are perfectly in tune, as long as your guitar is! More complex options include the Play Acoustic and Play Electric. These build on the features of the Harmony Singer with loads more effects to improve your live sets. The top of the pile is the Voicelive Extreme. This is a very powerful tool for performers. Not only can you doing everything already mentioned, but you can actually program effects to come in and out according to backing tracks for your songs. You can save these within the unit! This means you can enjoy complex effects switching without actually having to do it yourself.
Question: What was that famous TC rack mount delay and is it still available?
The classic TC delay unit is the 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay. These days, you can find that special TC sound on a number of their products including the Flashback series of stompboxes. Flashbacks that include the 2290 setting are the Flashback 2, Flashback X4 and the Flashback Triple.