Fender Jazz Bass

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About Fender Jazz Bass

The legendary Fender Jazz Bass is a seminal Fender bass design. Consistently popular since its release in 1960, this is one of the most copied bass designs in existence. The Jazz bass has proven such a hit due to its slim neck and double single coil pickups. These can be used separately or blended together, allowing a range of tones to be created.

Since this is one of Fender's best ever selling designs, it is available across the board at a huge range of price points. This includes affordable and solid Squier models,right through to the Player Series and Classic Series, the American Pro and Elite models,and the Custom Shop range. The American Elite Jazz bass is particularly popular. This is thanks to its upgraded pickups and many user-friendly features.

The Fender Jazz bass is available in a rainbow of colours including Olympic White, Ocean Turquoise and Champagne. Every guitarguitar store keeps a wide range of Fender Jazz basses in stock at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Jazz Bass

Yes! If you'd like a Fender bass with active circuitry, have a look at Fender Mexico's Deluxe series. They manufacture active Jazz basses (4 and 5 string), a Precision bass and an Aerodyne Jazz bass.
Not at all! The name just comes from the fact that it historically has had a thinner neck than the Precision bass (not so much the case these days) and Jazz bassists who liked to play complex and busy basslines found that they wanted a slimmer neck to facilitate this. Fender obliged and named the new instrument the Jazz bass to make the distinction clear. You can play anything you like on a Fender Jazz bass, just as you can play Jazz music all day long on a Precision bass!
In truth, it is a matter of personal opinion and preference. Having said that, plenty of bassists feel that the (usually) slimmer neck of the Jazz bass makes it an easier proposition to get their hands around. Traditional P-Basses had very substantial neck carves and, whilst that isn't necessarily always the case these days, lots of players still seem to find the Jazz a little easier to play. As always, the thing to do is visit us if you can and pick out a model from both styles that you like. Trying both one after the other will prove to be the best way of finding your own preference.