Fender Player Jazz Bass

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About Fender Player Jazz Bass

The Fender Player Jazz Bass replaces the Mexican Standard model and is available in three great new varieties including a regular 4 string, a 5 string and a fretless model.

The Fender Player Series is all about refreshing Fender's standard Mexican line and these Jazz bass models arrive with some nice improvements and hot new finishes. A 'Modern C' neck carve and a 9.5" radius fingerboard give a comfortable & contemporary feel while a newly designed set of alnico 5 single coil pickups give a variety of sounds that play to both the present and past for a sound that is quintessentially Fender. These new features apply to all versions of the Player Jazz bass.

The Player Jazz is available in a variety of bold and beautiful new finishes including Tidepool, Sonic Red and Buttercream. View the whole range here on the website or pay a visit to one of our stores for a test drive. As one of the UK's largest authorised Fender dealers, we have the best range of Fender Player basses available anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Player Jazz Bass

Definitely! The Jazz bass got its name because Jazz players back in the day wanted a neck that was slimmer than the P-Bass neck. Fender obliged and called it the Jazz bass in an effort to make the point clear. However, bassists from absolutely every genre under the sun use the jazz bass, so the name is a little misleading at times!
Yes it does! Although fretless, it has accurately spaced markers, relative to a 34" scale, to keep you right as you traverse the smooth fingerboard.
Yes it does. The Standard series is no longer available. The Player Jazz is a timely upgrade with lots of great new features including fresh colours and new pickups.