4 String Bass Guitars

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About 4 String Bass Guitars

4 string bass guitars are the cornerstone of all bass guitar design. Here at guitarguitar we are very enthusiastic about bass guitars. We have dedicated bass sections within every store filled with the best basses money can buy.

We keep a full range of 4 string bass guitars by Ibanez, Epiphone, Rickenbacker, Schecter and Music Man and many more. From the most affordable Squier model to the most exquisite Master Built Relic bass, we have what you are looking for!

Frequently Asked Questions about 4 String Bass Guitars

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most popular bass guitar of all time is the Fender Precision bass. Known as the P-Bass, this model in all its various iterations has appeared on more recordings than any other bass in the history of recorded music.
Active electronics in a bass can refer to special tone controls, pickups or both. They are neither better nor worse since tone is subjective. But they can offer some powerful tone-shaping options that standard passive electronics cannot. Active refers to a live circuit within the bass that requires a 9v PP3 battery to power. An active EQ section usually allows drastic cutting and boosting of certain treble, middle and bass frequencies. Active pickups are normally high output units with a low noise floor. Different players prefer different setups, but active electronics can definitely help you sound more 'produced' and professional.
A split coil pickup is the type of pickup you'd typically find on a Precision bass. Instead of a single row of polepieces, the split coil pickup is actually two separate pickups. These are wired to be hum cancelling and arranged in a staggered fashion underneath the strings. This produces a powerful and fat tone that has helped define the P-Bass sound for over half a century.