Fender PJ Bass

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About Fender PJ Bass

Fender PJ bass guitars use the 'PJ' pickup configuration. This means there is both a split-coil pickup from a P-Bass and a single coil pickups from a J-Bass.

The PJ pickup configuration is very versatile. You get both of the most popular bass pickups in one instrument, letting you decide how much of one type of sound you get or the other.

Fender offer this configuration on many of their basses. Examples include the Deluxe Active P-Bass Special, the Offset Mustang Bass PJ and the Player Jaguar Bass.


Why Should I Choose a Fender PJ Bass Guitar?

  • Versatile Sound
  • Combinaton of Precision Bass and Jazz Bass Pickup
  • Iconic Design
  • Fender Quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender PJ Bass

Question: What is the most popular Fender PJ bass?
Currently, the most popular Fender bass with the PJ pickup configuration is the Fender Offset Mustang Bass PJ in Olympic White.
Question: Do any Fender Jazz basses use the PJ pickup configuration?
Actually, no! Fender offer this configuration only on P-Basses and Jaguar basses. The Jazz bass already has two pickups of course, albeit regular single coils instead of having one split-coil.