Ernie Ball Pedals

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About Ernie Ball Pedals

Ernie Ball Pedals are the industry standard choice for professional guitarists. They are very popular due to their road worthy construction and excellent reliability thanks to features such as stainless steel springs and Kevlar cables.

Ernie Ball Volume Pedals are available in a variety of sizes and colours, with either active or passive electronics as well as some coming in mono and stereo variants. They have distinct volume swell rates and make for an excellent expression pedal choice with their precision seated design. Player-friendly features such as a tuner output make them a great choice for those who play live and are seeking an efficient setup.

Why Should I Choose an Ernie Ball Pedal?

  • Designed with the professional performing musician in mind
  • Excellent selection of Volume pedals and power supplies
  • Constructed from high-quality components and durable materials

Frequently Asked Questions about Ernie Ball Pedals

Question: Are Ernie Ball pedals any good?
Absolutely! Ernie Ball pedals are made from high-quality components and durable materials making them an excellent choice for the touring and studio musician.
Question: Where are Ernie Ball pedals made?
Many of the Ernie Ball pedals are made in the USA to an extremely high standard.
Question: Which guitarists use an Ernie Ball pedal?
Mark Knopfler, Billy Gibbons, Josh Homme, Wes Borland and Stone Gossard are amongst the many guitarists who use an Ernie Ball pedal.
Question: What pedals do Ernie Ball produce?
Ernie Ball produces an excellent selection of Volume pedals including the Active and Passive Junior.