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About Way Huge Pedals

Way Huge pedals are a line of eccentric boutique effects pedals. They are designed by noted pedal guru Jeorge Tripps. Way Huge pedals have characteristically large metal enclosures (though smaller versions are also available) and fun names like Swollen Pickle and Purple Platypus!

The effects themselves are known as some of the best on the market and are extremely popular. We keep a large selection of Way Huge pedals in stock throughout our guitarguitar stores. Visit us to try them out or browse the full range here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Way Huge Pedals

Overall, the Swollen Pickle is the most popular distortion from Way Huge, though most of them are very popular! The Swollen Pickle has also been around for the longest so it is more established with effects pedal aficionados.The Conquistador Fuzzstortion is described as being an 'aggressive gated fuzz'.
A gated fuzz is a fuzz effect that has, as part of its tonal characteristics, an interesting by-product: a noise gate. This is not a two-in-one kind of deal, it is just something that the fuzz circuit happens to do as it works its magic. Gated fuzz sounds are very useful for making noise sound deliberate and for riffs to keep a choppy edge.