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About Moog Keyboards

Moog keyboards are hand built, utilizing over 60 years of experience in manufacturing electronic instruments. These instruments feature on countless classic albums, from electro classics such as 'I Feel Love' by Donna Summer, quintessential pop including 'Holiday' by Madonna, avant-garde beauty such as 'Autobahn' by Kraftwerk and classic film scores by Wendy Carlos, including A Clockwork Orange and the Jeff Bridges computer-fantasy Tron.

Moog keyboards offer much more than the sultry warm tones you would expect and are capable of producing brooding sub-bass, squelching leads and sheer noise brutalism. If you can think it, a Moog can do it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moog Keyboards

Question: Can I save my sounds on a Moog keyboard?
You can save sounds on the Sub 37 and Sub Phatty synths. Other Moogs keep it old school and you have to store your settings by writing them down or by taking a photo with your phone.
Question: What is a Theramin?
A Theramin is one of the earliest synthesizer instruments. Pitch and timbre are determined via the placement of the players hands. They don't actually touch the instrument at all, instead placement of their hands in the relative spectral zones determines control. It looks nuts, but sounds cool, like the Star Trek theme.