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About Moog Synthesizers

Moog synthesizers are the original synth manufacturer. It doesn't get more authentic than a Moog. With a history that dates back almost 60 years, Moog's analog approach to synthesis is timeless, retro and futuristic all at the same time.
The sound of Moog synthesizers is all over music, from Stranger Things, Madonna, and Daftpunk, to Depeche Mode, Rush and Lorde.
Each Moog synth is handcrafted in Asheville, North Carolina. The dedication to the craft has kept Moog as a premier manufacturer. While many brands have moved their production of instruments to China, Moog has stayed true to their legacy as the original all American synthesizer.

Why Should I Choose a Moog Synthesizer?

  • Authentic all-analogue sound
  • Timeless character
  • Handmade in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions about Moog Synthesizers

Question: What is the most famous Moog synthesizer?
The Minimoog Model D is one of the greatest synthesizers of all time and is easily Moog's most identifiable synth. Designed as the first portable synthesizer and launched in 1970, the Model D was used all over the progressive rock of the 70s. Its signature bass sound was instrumental to the vibe of Madonna's first 3 albums and is still used today by artists like Bruno Mars and Chelsea Wolfe.
Question: Which bands use Moog synths?
There are far too many to list, but a few notable Moog synthesizer users include Nine Inch Nails, Paramore, Chromeo, Tyler, The Creator, The Weeknd, Gary Numan, Legowelt and The Beatles.
Question: When did the Moog synthesizer first come out?
The first Moog synthesizer was released in 1964. This was a modular synth setup that was custom made to order and was designed to appeal to experimental musicians.
Question: Who was the first to use a Moog synth?
The choreographer Alwin Nikolais was the first to order a Moog synth. He was known for innovating light and sound techniques for his productions.