Cort Electric Guitars

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About Cort Electric Guitars

Cort electric guitars have really made a name for themselves. From their beginner electric guitars to their Pro models, the specifications you get for the money are incredible. Cort is the own guitar brand of the famous instrument manufacturer Cor-Tek and has been making high-quality instruments since 1960.

Every kind of guitarist has been catered for with metal and djent players loving the Multi Scale 7 String models and the G290 and G300 serving as excellent all-rounders. With some models featuring components made by top brands such as EverTune and Floyd Rose, A Cort electric guitar is easily good enough to take on tour and be your main instrument.

Why Should I Choose a Cort Electric Guitar?

  • Extremely good value for money
  • Guitars to suit all styles of music
  • More than 50s years of experience

Frequently Asked Questions about Cort Electric Guitars

Question: Are Cort electric guitars worth it?
Cort electric guitars are absolutely worth it as they deliver excellent quality with top features for a very affordable price.
Question: Who makes Cort electric guitars?
Cort is the own guitar brand of the famous instrument manufacturer Cor-Tek.
Question: Where are Cort electric guitars made?
Cort electric guitars are made in Indonesia and China to very high standards.
Question: What strings does a Cort electric guitar use?
Cort uses coated strings on their more affordable guitars and D'Addario strings on higher end models.
Question: What pickups are in Cort electric guitars?
Cort uses a selection of great sounding pickups including own brand models as well as ones made by Seymour Duncan and EMG.