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About Vocal Effects

Vocal Effects pedals offer you an easy way to add signal processing to your on stage setup. Simply plug your microphone cable into the pedal and another microphone cable to the PA and you're good to go. Our Vocal Effects pedals offer excellent sound quality and come in a range of styles to enhance your performance and the sound of your vocal mic. Some key features and effects available are compression, EQ, reverb, delay, vocal harmonising and pitch correction/autotune.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vocal Effects

Question: Do I need a separate channel for the effects pedal?
No, the pedal essentially sits in line between the microphone and the PA. This is good for when you're playing on a line up with other bands: simply disconnect the cable from the stage microphone and plug the cable into the pedal's output, then connect your microphone to the input on the pedal using an extra cable, the sound engineer shouldn't have to adjust the gain settings on their desk.
Question: How to vocal harmoniser pedals work?
Vocal harmony pedals have controls allowing you to select the key you're playing in and the harmonic interval for the harmony voices. Harmonic interval selection allows the extra voices to be either above, below or around the sound of your own voice. It's also worth noting that because a lot of songs change keys in the middle, most vocal harmony pedals allow you to control the key via guitar: simply plug a guitar into the designated input and the pedal will analyse the chords from the guitar and move into the correct key as the song changes. The signal from the guitar is then sent back out to the PA or amp without being affected.