Landlord FX Pedals

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About Landlord FX Pedals

Small in size, even smaller in price but big in tone: Landlord pedals are a match made in heaven! These affordable effects are perfect for beginners.

Landlord FX, with their quirky British pub theme, pack a lot of goodness into these tiny, pedalboard friendly pedals. They are all a miniscule 4cm wide so they can be accommodated by even the smallest pedalboard.

Landlord FX span the full range of common guitar effects. This ranges from overdrive and distortion to reverb and delay; with all your modulation needs in between! The most popular Landlord fx pedal is the Happy Hour Looper. This no-nonsense little looper is the perfect accessory for home practice. It allows you to create layer upon layer of complex arrangements or simply give yourself a chord progression to solo over.

What Makes a Landlord Pedal Different?

  • Small and affordable
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Span the full range of common guitar effects

Frequently Asked Questions about Landlord FX Pedals

Question: Are Landlord pedals good for beginners?
Landlord pedals are perfect for beginners. A big reason for that is how affordable they are. It’s easy to experiment with different effects without feeling like they are too much of an investment. The other reason is how easy to use. The small size of the pedals limit how many controls they have which means that they keep it simple!
Question: Do Landlord pedals take batteries?
No, Landlord pedals don’t take batteries. This is because they are actually too small to accommodate both a battery and two ¼” jacks! Instead they need a 9v power supply such as a TOURTECH TTA-PSU01.