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About Nik Huber Guitars

Nik Huber Guitars are serious instruments made without compromise. With only eight expert craftsmen and unprecedented attention to detail, Nik Huber Guitars only make 240 instruments a year. Each one of these instruments is an exquisite thing of beauty.

As well as being utterly flawless, they sound pretty good! The first thing you notice is the sensational sustain and smooth top end. They are effortless to play with a unique heel carve which makes reaching the high frets a breeze.

There are three basic styles with variations possible: the Orca, the Dolphin II and the Krautster II.

The Dolphin is their original design which looks somewhere between a T-style and LP-style guitar. The Twangmeister is a bolt-on version of the same shape which leans towards the former. The Dolphin II, with its hand-carved curly maple top and mahogany body, leans towards the latter.

The Orca is their out-and-out LP-style which absolutely captures the magic of the original 50s guitars. The Orca ‘59 actually sports a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard which was used on the vintage instruments but isn't seen often these days.

The Krautster II is Nik Huber’s no-nonsense rocker. All the finery is stripped away leaving only lean, raw power.

What Makes Nik Huber Guitars Different?

  • Exceptional quality, handmade in Germany
  • The finest tonewoods including Brazilian rosewood on certain models
  • Modern classics

Frequently Asked Questions about Nik Huber Guitars

Question: Are all Nik Huber guitars made by hand?
Yes, all Nik Huber guitars are completely made by hand, painstakingly crafted by expert luthiers.
Question: Which artists play Nik Huber guitars?
Nik Huber Guitars have been played by many serious pros including Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters), Michael League (Snarky Puppy), and James Johnston (Biffy Clyro).