Beginner Bass Guitars - Get your groove on

Everything you need to start playing bass

EastCoast EC-GJ10 (Sunburst)

  • Add Deluxe Gig-bag, Amp & Accessories (+£100.00)

EastCoast EC-B210 (Grey)

  • Add Deluxe Gig-bag, Amp & Accessories (+£100.00)

EastCoast EC-GB200 (Black)

  • Add Deluxe Gig-bag, Amp & Accessories (+£100.00)

Perfect for Beginner Bassists!

Which is the best beginner's bass? There are so many! Sidestep this minefield by selecting one from this specially-selected group. These are all perfect to learn on and sound great!

  • Playing bass guitar outside

    Timeless, Proven Designs

    Each of these three basses is designed after a classic model, bringing decades of style and refinement to you in a package perfect for a beginner. These basses all provide you with a solid platform form which to learn, expend and excel.

  • Bass guitars front view

    Versatile Sound Options

    The basses we've chosen here offer a wide range of styles and sounds, so that you can begin your bass journey as you mean to continue! The 'pickup' is the part of the bass that picks up the signal from the strings and transforms that into electricity. Each bass here has different ways of doing this. The Starter choice, for example, has a sinlge 'split-coil' pickup, which is good for Pop, Rock and Blues styles. Our Starter Plus choice has powerful humbucking pickups for a stronger sound. The Pro Starter Pack choice set a set of two set of vintage-sounding single coil pickups for a classic sound that can be blended for a range of tones.

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    Easy to Play

    Our beginner bass models have been specially chosen to provide an easy, comfortable and satisfying platform for which to begin your journey as a bassist. We believe that learning should be made as simple as possible, so an comfy, forgiving feel is essential.